Zabuton were used to bring comfort to the seating of the nobility.
Items can be arranged in a variety of ways in order to adapt to different activities.
The result is an experience combining the very intimate, low, simple and un-ostentatious quality of the Japanese traditional items - and the very generous, comfortable, social aspect of modern couches.
It is designed as a frame for a variety of traditional cotton items - futon, zabuton, bolster.
This piece was developed in collaboration with Takaokaya, a Kyoto based futon maker.
Successive generations of Takaokaya have continued to nurture Kyoto craftsmanship for 100 years, creating products with soul that are true to the times and yet draw on the traditions unique to the former capital. Every step of their process is hands-on.
The cotton is first massaged to create an even layer of distribution, before the futon, zabuton, and bolster sleeves are sewed. The cotton is then hand stuffed into these sleeves, producing different densities of hardness dependent on its use.
Takaokaya is a family-owned business, establishing itself as crafters of handmade zabuton cushions and futon beddings based in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. Starting in 1919, Takaokaya continues to keep its family legacy alive by creating handcrafted relaxation products.
Back in 2019, Takaokaya commemorated its 100th year since its founding. Takaoka Futon Co., Ltd.'s CEO Koichiro Takaoka, the grandson of the Tokutaro Takaoka, who first started the business, created the concept of Kangu (寛具). Kangu (寛具) is translated to relaxation tool, which is the perfect word that reflects Takaokaya products' purpose. With our Kangu products, we hope to spread happiness by providing relaxation to everyone who come across our products.
"People in Japan are re-evaluating their lifestyle and what matters most to them. While mass production as brought benefit, something is missing. That is heart and soul. If we use products made with heart and soul, then our lives will be made much, much richer and more meaningful!"


The frame of the sofa, a wooden plinth and partitions, are hand crafted in Oakland, CA by Fap Vo.
Meticulously detailed to allow the soft features to be draped and attached to the hard and clean surfaces of the wood.