Draped Flowers Curtain

Washi paper spun into yarn / Knitted textile

An ever-changing living vertical divider, the Draped Flowers Curtain contains over 100 pockets where fresh flowers can be placed, transforming the space it inhabits by offering a landscape of seasonality and personal contexts.

The limited run of 30 curtains are knit from a durable thread spun from Washi - a paper made of Manilla jute. As nature’s own room divider, the flora within the curtain is the owner’s choosing, free to design a floral tableau whose appearance and scent are ever changing and in sync with the seasons.  

Each curtain is produced in a series of small factories in Japan who use careful hand and machine processes to ensure the utmost quality and strength.  The paper thread from which it’s made of is free of chemicals, producing a textile that is strong and washable, while being entirely organic.  

The finished pieces blur the line between still and living objects, while capturing the natural instincts for growth in the materials, the maker and the viewer. 


10'6" x 10'6" Panel

Made in Japan
Designed by Akane Moriyama