Candle Pit | Black

100% Beeswax / Organic Hemp wick and coloring / Unscented

This large scale candle is less about its shape than the way it burns, fast at first, revealing dramatic peaks and ridges, then very slowly as the wax spills out drawing convoluted motifs around it in an evocation of volcanic landscapes. Burning the candle becomes an experience between live painting, its tray being the canvas, and the contemplative hypnosis of a chimney fire.

No two candles burn the same, and thus, no two candles tell the same story.

Sold with a White Oak Tray.

Each candle is handmade in Oakland, CA.


7.5” x7.75"

10" tall

4.5 lbs


Upon unwrapping your candle, the surface of the beeswax might have a white dusting. This is referred to as bloom and appears on all 100% pure beeswax candles.

While some prefer a bloomed candle, others prefer their candles to shine. If you want a glossy beeswax candle, take a blow dryer and gently wave it at the candle until you see the bloom start to dissipate. Take a soft cloth and wipe away the bloom.